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Gujarati class

We are teaching Gujarati to our children for the last 25+ years at VTNY. Our dedicated volunteer teachers Darshana Kapadia and Vaishali Shah, both native Gujarati speakers, provide children with meaningful and well-defined curriculums. The classroom instructions include reading, writing, and speaking, which enables students to communicate comfortably in Gujarati. VTNY conducts “Cultural Programs” at least twice a year. Along with Gujarati language classes children are also taught the importance of some utsavs in Pushtimarg and Hinduism. Due to COVID-19 we will be conducting Gujarati Classes online (over zoom). Please contact the temple at (516) 354 7583 for more information.


Monthly Satsang

Satsang means keeping in the company of spiritual persons of your Spiritual Path. In Pushtimarg, in addition to Shriji Sewa, a Vaishnav can serve his beloved Bhagwan Shri Krishna by Reciting (Kirtan), Remembering (Smaran) and Listening (Shravan) Srikrishna-Shrinathji’s name (Naam), form (Swaroop), characteristic (Goon), and divine deeds (Leela) in the company of like-minded spiritual person following the same path. ‘Satsang’ means Kirtan, Smaran, and Shravan of Shriji. Satsang started in the temple in the year 1999. Vaishnav Temple of New York conducts regular ‘Satsang’ every third Sunday of the month under the leadership of Dr. Nalini Parikh, Trupti V. Shah, Pradip Parikh, Varsha Dharia, & Jignesh H. Shah. Please contact the temple at (516) 354 7583 for more information on satsang.


Senior Citizen Center of VTNY

The Senior Community Center of Vaishnav Temple of New York (SCC VTNY), established in April 2017 serves as a community services center dedicated to senior citizens. It is formed for seniors to take advantage of the facility at VTNY, participate in various activities, and relish their lives. Along with entertainment and enjoyment for the seniors, the center is established to increase the participation of seniors in the temple’s day to day activities and volunteer in activities. The activities are carried out under the leadership of Navin Shah, Indravadan N. Shah, Dr. Ramesh Thakkar, Laxmanbhai Patel, Manubhai Mevada, Amit Parikh, Narayan Shah, Vikas Bhalotkar, and Paresh Dharia. Please contact the temple at (516) 354 7583 for more information on SCC of VTNY.


Other Activities

Along with Various Pushitmargiya utsavs VTNY also a community center. As a community center we have also helped during various natural disasters, in India, and south east Asia in the past (Latur Maharashtra, Gujarat, Nepal, Terrorist attack on BRPS in India etc..). We have organized various health fares, cultural programs, Bhajan Sandhya, Gujarati Plays, Summer Picnic, Samuh Laxmi Pujan and various other entertainment events for the community.

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